Home 2 – Triad Aer Defining the Future of Air Purification

With the Triad Aer air purification systems there are never any filters to replace. Competitor brands claiming air purification are unable to deliver the results in comparison to our products. We proudly sell a considerable number of units every year online with satisfaction guaranteed. Our customers have always been the priority as they trust us for purifying their in-door breathing space.

Triad Aer Offers Hi-tech Features

The powerful Triad air purification system offers the amazing results:

  • Up to 3000 (Sq/Ft) of coverage
  • 99% Odor Elimination
  • 99% Dust Removal
  • 97% reduction in Bacteria and Viruses

Perfect and Proactive Purification

Want to protect your family against highly evolving viruses, allergies and mold? How about odors that you do not want lingering around your house when guests stop by?  Get an air purification system with Triad Aer and relax! The four innovative technologies make this machine a vital solution for breathing clean air inside the home.

The Triad Aer air purification system provides area coverage up to 3000sqft and requires less maintenance. It is constantly protecting you and your loved ones against airborne and surface pathogens. Other air purifiers on the market do not offer the exceptional protection as Triad Aer air purification systems do. The latest technology allows our device to produce activated oxygen and waves of negative ions that reach every part of a home.

Triad Aer – Recommended by Doctors

  • The diverse technology involved in the Triad Aer air purifier does not work like typical old machines.
  • Instead of trying to attract the contaminants inside and filter the air, it works on a much-advanced proactive technology.
  • The Needlepoint Ionization make the dust particles clump together and fall to the floor out of the breathable air space.
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) creates a hydrogen peroxide type vapor combating viruses and bacteria
  • Physicians and practicing doctors confidently recommend our air purification systems to their patients.

Forget the HEPA FILTERS!

Triad Aer spares you from costly HEPA Filters. HEPA filters are difficult to replace, limited in coverage space and particulates less than .3 microns flow right through them.

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