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Ionizer – Hydrogen Water Ionizer

This ionizer made by The Triad Aer produces alkaline water with an average pH of 8.5 to 11.5.

This pure and healthy water is produced through electrolysis, which assists in improving various digestive diseases and stomach issues. Many of these diseases include indigestion, hyperacidity, diarrhea, and abnormal fermentation in the stomach.

What makes Hydrogen Water Ionizers important in today’s world?


Use of the latest 250W SMPS Method (Switching Mode Power Supply)

Looking back, it can be seen that the previous transformer method lacked power stability, making the realization of pH difficult. But, this Hydrogen Water Ionizer Series uses the SMPS method, allowing power stability and maintaining the needed alkaline pH levels.

Some companies use the SMPS method, most of which use the power of 150W only. But, these Hydrogen Water Ionizers use  250W power that helps in creating highly pure alkaline water. 

The pH level of raw water is not the same for every environment. The levels of pH vary from one region to another. In many cases, the pH level of the respective raw material cannot be produced. But our ionizers allow you to adjust the current to 240 stages, which helps in creating stable and pure alkaline water. The pH level of raw materials is different for different regions. Regions like China and Europe have higher raw water, But this ionizer can generate healthy water for you in every environment.

This state-of-the-art ionizer uses all nine layers of high purity (includes white gold-coated electrode plates)

The normal ionizers have a short life span; they work for approximately 1 to 2 years. Moreover, the layers of electrode plates vary from 3-5 layers only. So, the electrolysis process declines, and the alkali water generation is also lowered accordingly. Hydrogen Water Ionizer Series works effectively with its modern design and nine electrode plates with white gold coated electrode plates. Furthermore, the water purity is also increased for a more extended period.

Large 5-inch color LCD

This high-tech and advanced ionizer uses a clear 5″ large color LCD that helps distinguish the stages of alkali water during discharge. Such large screens are not standard in any other company products.

Use of the Touch-Sensor method

The touch sensor makes the user experience friendly and convenient for this Series. The conventional valve method was not enough to offer customer convenience, making the entire process tiresome. Moreover, buttons were the only way to operate water ionizers in the past. The Triad Aer has launched a user-friendly voice-operated system that makes it user-friendly and easy for children and adults. 

Auto-cleansing and auto-discharge systems prevent germs from seeping into the alkali water because they can cause severe hazards to human health if stagnant for a long time. While there are many benefits associated with alkali water, it has some setbacks if not treated properly. The water in the ion electrolyzer has the potential to produce germs if not cleaned or if it stays stagnant for a longer period of time. This modern series of ionizers constantly cleanses the water at all generation stages using advanced auto-cleansing technology. The Triad Aer cares and understands that all hygienic issues must be resolved to prevent the electrolyzer from causing any damage. 

Advanced Two-Filter Method

Previously, the one-filter method was commonly used for the purification of water. However, the purification capacity of the ionizer could be enhanced by manifolds using the two-filter method. Our water purifier uses advanced two-filter technology to produce safe and clean water without any concerns.

Original Recognition Chip

The Triad Aer has applied the original recognition chip of our filter that helps the device perform better for longer lifespans. In the past, many products had unverified filters that were not suitable in the long run, lowering the reliability of the products. 

But the Hydrogen Water Ionizer uses the most advanced technology to produce pure alkaline water for you and your loved ones and works for you for a long time.



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