TriadAer IQ Mini Purifier

TriadAer IQ Mini Purifier

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The Triad Aer IQ mini is a convenient-to-use plug-in air purifier. Thanks to our advanced triad aer filtration technology, this small but powerful air purifier can clean the air in rooms up to 250 ft². It helps reduce indoor air pollution in your home by eliminating harmful spores in your breathing zone. Its small size makes it convenient to carry it from one place to another without hassle. It reduces air pollutants in your environment and helps eliminate musty or smoke odors, Bacteria, and viruses from your property.

It comes with a simple purification adjustment knob. You just have to plug it in and turn the knob up to make it work. When you want to turn it off, turn the knob down. It also works perfectly well in RVs. To get rid of marijuana or smoke odors from your vehicle or property, get our IQ mini air purifier today, and save yourself and your loved ones from harmful air contaminants and viruses. Contact us today to get your desired air purifier. You can also explore our website to find the air purifier that suits your air purification needs. Contact us today to get your desired air purifier.


• It consumes minimum electricity.
• It is ideal to use in bedrooms, dorm rooms, and kitchens.
• A perfect travel companion, as you can use it in your car and hotel rooms.
• Takes minimum time to make your room free of air contaminants.


2 reviews for TriadAer IQ Mini Purifier

  1. DeeJay

    The smell is great , reaches rooms as big as the mini! Accidentally got this instead of the mini but am satisfied competely!! Will be using it in my small area at my barbershop. Cannot wait to kill off all the nasty air the jabbed are bringing in, along with all the odors that we have in there

  2. Andrew Gellatly (verified owner)

    I own this filter, the single room filter, and the shield, don’t know how I’ve lived without them! I’m allergic to basically everything in the air and these filters have allowed me to finally breathe! I Don’t leave home without one! If I could give these 6 stars I would

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