Aim for Good Indoor Air Quality

Why you should aim for good indoor air quality?

We understand what an outdoorsy day looks like. Tiring, exhausting, busy, or all of the above! It is your right to come back home to relax, a new breathing environment for some peace of mind and to keep your inner body healthy.

Indoor air quality is one of the most critical aspects of a healthy household. In America, the records of indoor air contamination have increased dramatically over the years. Many people wear masks and use sanitizers all day to stay protected outdoors. Unfortunately, you can’t wear a mask at home at all times, making it a vulnerable place for you and your loved ones. Even in the workplace, indoor air quality must be good enough to provide a safe and secure environment.

Here are seven top reasons you should aim for good indoor air quality at your home, office, dorm, hotel, or hospital. 

  1. Perfect health:

 It goes without saying that “health is wealth.” A healthy body is capable of having a healthy mind. The way your body functions is the way your mind does. So, focusing on the health and sustainability of the people around you is essential. Children and the elderly are particularly at risk of being infected with air pollutants due to weak immune systems. Improving the air quality index can prevent the chances of respiratory and other disorders and give you a hygienic environment indoors.

2. Remove allergens and toxins: 

Humans might not be able to see all the microorganisms leaping into the air around them. However, the harms associated with these tiny pollutants can be dangerous. Pollen, dust, smoke, and other toxins might move around into the environment. These particles cannot be viewed through the naked eye, but they might be associated with symptoms of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, sinusitis, bronchitis, headaches, nausea, and other breathing issues. For patients with asthma, it can be triggering and highly dangerous.

3. Eliminates biological contaminants: 

A large population of air pollutants lingering in the environment exists around the world. Molds, for example, occur naturally in the background. Typical concentrations of mold may not be harmful to anyone. However, once the amount exceeds the standard limit, these fungal organisms appear to the naked eye and spread breathing and health issues by tiny spores. It is always better to prevent indoor air pollution because these biological contaminants can cost a lot. 

          “Prevention is better than cure.”

  1. Lower bills: 

Whether you are talking about medical or maintenance, improved air quality always saves you money. Air purifiers like Triad Air Purifiers can save you from large medical bills later. It can also be significantly helpful for preventing your property and valuable assets from being damaged or tarnished. While many view air purification as an expense, it is actually an investment for sustainability and lower bills.

  1.   No odor in the household: 

We can only imagine how hard it is to bear  the torturing smell of mold growing on your furniture. The smell of smoke, dust or other chemicals like volatile organic compounds can be unbearable for many. It is always better to breathe in neutralized air from all the mushy odor, giving your room a cleaner environment.

  1. Improved productivity: 

Have you ever noticed a lot of people in your workplace dealing with the same symptoms? If one has a headache, many others complain the same. People often start taking sick leaves together, which might not just be an excuse. This phenomenon is known as “Building Sickness Syndrome.” It occurs when many people living or working in the same vicinity face similar issues, leading to long-term health discrepancies. Improve your productivity by fostering measures for improved indoor air quality.

  1. Sustainable lifestyle: 

After the rise of coronavirus, people have become aware of the detrimental impacts of contaminants. The best way to seek a sustainable lifestyle is by implementing proper measures for safe, hygienic air. Choosing sustainable choices can also improve living standards and keep you and your loved ones safe. Every responsible individual understands that preventing a storm before it occurs is much easier and better than finding the cure afterward. 


Thus, if you are looking for reasons to make a change in your life by improving the air quality index, rest assured you are on the right track! You can also use Triad Air Purifier to purify your environment proactively. The reason why this air purifier can serve the purpose is its latest technology that eradicates all forms of air pollutants from the environment. Furthermore, it is also easy to carry and install anywhere, whether in your bedroom, classroom, workplace, dorm room, hotel, or hospital. 

Make the right decision at the right time and save yourself from overwhelming losses in the long run. 


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