Introduction to HEPA Filters

What are HEPA filters? The increased air pollution has led to severe respiratory and other health issues worldwide. Previously, it was assumed that air purification

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Why use an air purifier

Why Should You Use an Air Purifier? After the rise of the infamous COVID-19, the world has been cherishing the concept of staying indoors. From

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Ion Antenna

What is ION ANTENNA? Breathing in fresh air is the need of the hour. With the increase in air pollution in the US, there is

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Scalable Purification

In our ongoing journey towards healthier indoor environments, one remarkable feature stands out – Scalable Purification. Scalable purification takes air purification to a new level,

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Photocatalytic Oxidation

Introducing Photocatalytic Oxidation for Your Residential and Commercial Property Nature has ways of keeping the air clean and fresh, and one of nature’s best phenomena

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