Frequently Asked Questions

Based on years of experience and customer interaction, we have tried to cover some frequently asked questions. Although we have tried to cover everything, in case of any questions, feel free to contact us at Also, you can click here to view the manual of triad aer v3 and pro.

FAQ’s About TRIAD AER Air Purifiers

Q: How is Triad Aer better than other air purifiers in the market?

With Triad’s powerful and efficient air purifier, you can breathe easy again. Unlike most other air purifiers, it doesn’t require the pollutants to be filtered through a HEPA filter. Triad aer air purifier seeks and destroys all the impurities in the air as it is proactive in both cleaning the air and preventing new pollutants from forming.

The Triad Aer air purifier eliminates pollution at its source, including your breathing area and even surfaces. Its advanced technology breaks down dangerous gasses, reduces the risk of serious health problems, and improves your quality of life.

Q: How does the triad air purifier work?

The Triad Aer technology is based on photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), activated oxygen, and 2 types of ionization i-e pulse and needlepoint. These technologies break pollutants like air-born allergens, dust, air pollutants, bacteria, and more.

Q: Where to place the Triad Aer air purifier?

You can place the Triad Aer anywhere in your home, office, or car as it is designed to be compact and portable. However, for best results, placing the purifier near the areas where you spend most of your time is recommended.

Q: How to determine the right Triad Aer air purifier?

The right Triad Aer air purifier for you will depend on the size of the room, the level of pollution, and your specific needs. The goal of the triad aer purifier is to clean the air and make it healthier for you to breathe. To start, you can place the cleaner in normal mode. After a week, try to set it up to the high mode at 250 ft2 if the air purifier is within the 250 ft2 range. Begin by turning on the energy-saving mode, which is automatically turned off after a few days. After a few more days, gradually raise the square footage setting until it reaches the size of the treated environment.

Note: If the purification is too strong, decrease the amount of square footage. If the lowest setting in HIGH MODE isn’t to your liking, you may even choose to revert to PCO normal mode.

Q: Why is the Triad Aer air purifier a bit pricier than other brands?

The Triad Aer air purifier is expensive because it uses the latest and most advanced stand-alone technology to provide you with the cleanest and healthiest air to breathe. Additionally, Triad Air purifier is one of the most durable and long-lasting air purifiers. With proper care, your Triad Aer air purifier can last for years, making it a wise investment for your health and well-being.

Q: What amount of ozone is normally released from the Triad Aer air purifiers?

No ozone is utilized in Normal or PCO mode. However, ozone levels are around 0.1 to0.3 PPM when adjusted in high mode that is safe level set by the EPA. Setting the square foot value based on the ventilated area (where air can reach) rather than the total home square footage is critical.

Q: What happens to the removed particles?

Mostly larger particles are negatively charged by the two types of ionization provided by the Triad air purifier. It causes them to clump together. Because almost all particles in the indoor environment are positively charged, they stick together due to the attraction produced by ions. Because of that, particles gain mass, get pulled into the HVAC filter, or drop on the floor that is vacuumed away to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

Q: Can I use a Triad Aer air purifier in a small area?

Yes, you can use the Triad air purifier in the small areas or rooms in the PCO or Normal mode. In over 250 sq feet areas, the unit is operated in high mode.

Note: Don’t exceed the square footage limit as it can produce too much ozone for the space. Also, rooms closed off by doors where the air doesn’t flow freely shouldn’t be counted.

Q: Is the Triad Aer air purifier harmful to humans or pets?

The Triad Aer air purifier doesn’t cause any damage to humans or pets. The machine automatically adjusts the amount of ozone it produces based on the room size and pollution level.

Q: Do I need to Maintain a Triad Aer air purifier?

Yes, there is some maintenance required for the Triad Aer air purifier as you need to clean it every few months. There is a rear filter and small mesh plate that needs to be cleaned according to instructions given in the manual. If your area is dusty or smoky, you may need to use an additional pre-filter in order to prevent Triad Aer clogging issues. Moreover, change the PCO cell when its lifespan has been reached.

Q: Is a Single Triad Aer air purifier enough for the whole home?

Yes, it can. But mostly it depends on the size of your house. If your house is more than 3000 sq ft, then a single unit of Triad Aer air purifier can cover it easily. But if the house is more than 3000 sq ft, you might need two units to cover the whole house. Besides, it also depends on your home pollution level. In case of high pollution levels, you might need more than one unit to purify the air.

Q: Can I move the Triad Aer to avoid multiple units?

Yes, the triad aer is designed as a portable unit. You can easily move it from one room to another. At home, you can mount it higher near the kitchen area or a family room where people spend more time. However, you can relocate it to a different room depending on the need.

Q: Is it necessary to keep the Triad Aer air purifier running all the time?

This latest air purifier is designed to be used 24/7 to continuously improve air quality and keep it clean rather than just when you feel the effects of allergies or illness. Also, if the pollution is high, you might need to run it all the time.

Q: Will Triad Aer air purifier cause a Black/Gray Wall?

No, the Triad aer air purifier projects the ions out the front of the air purifier. We recommend you keep the device in the middle of the room so there will be no instances of black or gray wall. The black or gray wall affects when ionizers negatively charge the walls that attract particles. As these particles are dropped on the floor, they must be vacuumed away to prevent a possible allergic reaction.

Q: How long does the PCO Cell (UV lamp module) last?

Typically, the UV lamp module will last for approximately 9,000 hours.

Q: How large is the Triad Aer air purifier?

The Triad air purifier unit is  9 ″wide, 12 ″tall, and 12 ″deep.

Q: Do OH molecules have any smell?

No, OH molecules don’t have any odor. However, some people may smell a slight metallic odor caused by photocatalytic activity, which has nothing to do with OH molecules.

Q: Is the Higher concentration of OH problematic?

No, the air purifier projects the ions out from the front and is directed towards the center of the room. Moreover, the machine automatically adjusts the amount of ozone it produces based on the room size and pollution level.

Q: What if the PCO light does not turn on when the air purifier is on?

First of all, you need to make sure that the wall outlet has power. Also, check if the green LED indicator is on the external AC to DC power adapter. Now, make sure the air purifier is running and the fan is set to high. If you still face the problem, please contact customer service for help. Next, verify if the PCO call is plugged in properly. For that, remove the rear grill and filter and check if it is seated in its socket. If the problem persists, contact customer support.

Q: How many ions (positive and negative) are produced by the Triad Aer air purifier?

The triad aer air purifier only produces negative ions, around 1.5M ions/cu cm at 1 meter of distance. As the indoor pollution is positively charged, negative charges cause the particle to attract, clump together and fall to the ground.

Q: How are negatively charged ion molecules collected after bonding to the positively charged ones in the atmosphere?

The ionization process involves the negatively charged ions from the unit traveling throughout the home while attracting positively charged particles. This process is called agglomeration. The positively charged particles become too heavy to float and eventually fall to the ground, where they can be vacuumed. As they become heavier, they don’t get re-airborne. Also, the air purifier unit’s rear filter cannot collect these particles as it is responsible for keeping the unit clean.

Q: Does the Triad Aer air purifier oxidize rubber/metal products?

When the Triad Aer air purifier is used in NORMAL mode or set to a suitable setting in HIGH mode, it does not release purifying oxidizers in quantities that would be harmful to metals, plastics, or rubber goods in your indoor environment.

A level of ozone is produced when you use the AWAY mode to disinfect the region. Natural rubber products can deteriorate due to continuous exposure to elevated ozone levels and metal oxidation. That’s why you should only use Away mode for 2 hours per session and 2-4 times monthly.

Q: Who is responsible for paying international shipping charges and customs taxes (if any)?

The customer is responsible for paying the international shipping charges or applicable duties and taxes (If there is any)

Common Technologies Used in Air Purifiers – Redefining Air Purification with Advanced Technologies

Let’s explore the remarkable technologies employed by the Triad Aer V3 and Triad Aer Pro, the latest flagship product from the Triad Aer, designed to revolutionize the quality of the air you breathe. This cutting-edge air purification system harnesses four advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled performance:

Needlepoint Ionization:

At the core of the Triad Aer’s innovation lies its ability to generate a continuous stream of millions of negative ions that permeate your living space. These ions work diligently to charge particles such as dust, dander, and bacteria, causing them to cluster together.

As these particles unite, they grow in weight, making it easier for your home’s HVAC air filter to capture them or for them to settle on the floor. Unlike conventional HEPA filters that primarily target particles measuring 0.5 microns or more significantly, the Triad Aer’s ionizer tackles ultra-fine particles, including those in the nano range, which are even more dangerous and often invisible to the naked eye. To read more about needlepoint ionization, please visit our blog section. 

Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation:

Employing state-of-the-art PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology alongside scalable oxidation, the Triad Aer achieves unparalleled effectiveness in eliminating biological contaminants, odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses.

PCO Cells have been scientifically proven to diminish hazardous pathogens by over 99% in under 24 hours. Through a process known as molecular disassociation, the Triad Aer breaks down the very molecules causing the contamination, going beyond mere masking or covering up odors.

Scalable Purification:

The Triad Aer provides adaptable purification settings tailored to your living area’s needs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. By utilizing these customizable settings, you can attain the highest level of efficiency from your Triad Aer. In High Mode, the purification plate generates activated oxygen, assisting in the breakdown of pollutants responsible for unpleasant odors. Moreover, the Triad Aer’s scalable oxidation capability ensures that it operates at peak efficiency, adjusting to the unique environment it serves. For swift sanitization, the Sani+Booster setting delivers maximum output while incorporating an auto shut-off timer, ensuring safety and efficacy, mainly when the room or home is unoccupied.

Electrostatic Filtration:

The Triad Aer includes an advanced electrostatic filter, enhancing its performance and ease of maintenance. This specialized filter not only purifies the air but also acts as a protective barrier for the purifier itself. Unlike costly HEPA filters, the electrostatic filter can be easily cleaned and reused, offering exceptional value and long-lasting efficiency.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the Triad Aer optimizes efficiency and minimizes waste. Unlike most purifiers that consume between $20 to $30 worth of electricity per month, the Triad Aer sets a new standard by utilizing a mere 90 watts, resulting in an average monthly cost of approximately $3.50. Experience superior air purification without breaking the bank with the Triad Aer, your ultimate clean, healthy air solution.

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