Buy Aer Air Purifier to Improve Quality of Life

The Triad Aer is a futuristic and eco-friendly air purifier machine. It is made for you to breath the clean air, free from pathogens as COVID-19, odors and dust. It has an advanced filtration technology of the air that can avoid allergic reactions or airborne diseases. The Triade Aer is useful for all kinds of environments such as home, office, school, restaurants and hospitals. Bad odors are harmful for well-being of a work as well as home environment. To get rid of it, you have to buy Aer Air Purifier from an authentic manufacturer like The Triad Aer.

Why Buy Aer Air Purifier?

Unlike other air purifiers which are expensive to maintain due to filters and other parts, our products are almost maintenance-free. When you buy Aer Air Purifier you are not going to see it as an expense but as an investment. Just one machine is able to provide fresh air from 250 to a 3000 square feet space. It is lightweight and it can stand alone 5 feet or higher in the open area of your home. You don´t have to buy aer air purifier for each room or keep moving it from room to room. It also doesn’t need replacement of filters because the Triad Aer machine cleans the air while using needlepoint ionization system. Hence it does not draw the dirty air in but it converts the normal particles into ionic clean plasma. Although if you want just to clean a small space you might afford the Mini Aer for Single Room. This Mini Aer is portable so you can take on a trip and use it anywhere!

Triad Aer V3 – A cost-effective purifier to provide fresh air up to 3000 square feet

How Does the Aer Air Purifier Works?

  • Our Triad Aer machine has a proactive purification system to clean your air. It is also eco-friendly as it does not make the residues. It uses the NPBI technology to convert the molecules of oxygen and nitrogen from the air into an ionic plasma. In other words, it just works with negative and positive ions exactly like the nature does.
  • The machine releases these ions in the indoor places and they look for particles like pathogens, dust and gases. They attack them whereas these ions can even penetrate fabric to kill anything harmful for humans.
  • Buy Aer Air purifier as our purifiers are proven to kill 99.4% of Covid19

Air Purifier - An Essential for Your Home or Office!

Did you know that according to the WHO, air pollution is the most threatening health problem on the planet? The indoor areas are 5-20 times more polluted than outdoor areas. Indoor areas are where the dust, and the pathogens spread quickly. We have created this advanced air purifying machine, which converts the polluted air into a fresh clean air for you. So keep your loved ones safe and help them breathe cleaner and fresher air! This is the way to help your kids grow in a healthy environment. Use it in your office environment and it will care for your staff members. They can work and breathe in fresher breathing space. Buy aer air purifier online now, it will not let you down!

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