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In a couple of years, the Triad AER became one of the leading and number one air purification companies. We have been providing the best air purification systems, which are sold and used by Chiropractors. The majority of these machines are useful and prefer to be installed in working spaces. Also, their working power and popularity come from the advanced technology that experts use in these machines.

There are hundreds of air purification machines available in the market. The drawback of those common air purifiers is that they are passive, which means that all of them work on filtered technology such as HEPA.

But the biggest thing that makes the Triad AER a part of all of them is that they use different approaches. In their air purification system, the Triad AER uses a proactive approach. They recreate the natural air in your working space and home. The technology that they use doesn’t wait for the pollution in the air. The pro-active technology attacks the population from the surrounding areas and blocks their entrance.

Why We Prefer Pro-Active Air Purification Approach?

In today’s world, we all worry about the air we breathe and the things we touch. That’s why our technology is here to make a difference. It can cover up to 3000-4000 square feet, making sure it removes harmful things like viruses, harmful mold, and bacteria from the air and surfaces. Being proactive about cleanliness means we not only clean the air we breathe but also the surfaces around us.

If you’re in search of the most advanced air purifier out there, you’re in the right spot. The Triad AER air purification technology combines four methods at once. Our system helps you maintain a safe and clean space where both your patients and staff can feel secure. It’s all about using the latest innovations to create a healthy environment that always prioritizes health and safety.

Importance of Pro-Active Technology

Our technology uses four powerful methods to keep your environment safe and clean:

Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation:

This method helps break down and eliminate harmful particles in the air, ensuring a healthier atmosphere.

Needlepoint Ionization:

By using ions, this technology works to neutralize germs and allergens, reducing their impact on the air you breathe.

Pulse Ionization:

The efficient method creates pulses of ions. It can give an extra layer of defense that fights against viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Activated Oxygen:

Activated oxygen plays a role in neutralizing odors, dust, and harmful substances, contributing to a fresher and cleaner space.

Triad Aer’s air purification system is designed to remove viruses, germs, bacteria, mold spores, odors, dust, harmful VOCs, and allergens safely. The technology creates a plasma environment. It disrupts the cell membranes of contaminants found in aerosols throughout your office. This results in a breathing space. Also, it can help alleviate symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and more. It’s about creating an environment where the air you breathe is as fresh and clean as it can be!


If you need to ensure a safe environment for your office, staff, and patients, choosing the right air purifier becomes important. The Triad Aer V3 Advanced offers a solution to your concerns, but with many options in the market, you might ask certain questions which are:

  1. What Technologies Are Effective?
  2. How Much Space Does It Cover?
  3. How Many Machines Do I Need?
  4. Does It Address Surfaces Too?
  5. What is the Filter Replacement Frequency?
  6. Does it Offer Particle Size Cleaning?

Well! Choosing the right air purifier is a primary and important step toward a safer and healthier office environment. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized guidance on selecting the perfect Triad Aer V3 Advanced solution for your specific needs.

Pro-Active Advanced Purification VS Passive Filters Air Purification System – What is More Effective?

Choosing between Pro-Active Advanced Purification and passive filters like HEPA is a crucial decision for your office’s health. Triad Aer V3 stands out as a proactive system. Our advanced proactive system uses four highly capable technologies that work beyond the machine, covering a significant 3000 square feet – often requiring just one unit for most offices.

Our advanced system not only cleans particles smaller than .3 microns but goes further, actively destroying viruses, germs, and bacteria both in the air and ON SURFACES down to .001 microns. Forget about filter replacements – cleaning is swift and efficient, and the plasma-like technology eliminates viruses and bacteria on contact through the lysis process, bursting their membranes and destroying DNA.

On the other hand, passive HEPA filters operate like a vacuum, pulling in air at high speeds, with a coverage area of approximately 250 square feet. The challenge lies in their passive nature – to be effective, you’d need filters in every room, frequently changing them.

Even then, viruses and smaller particles slip through and re-enter the air. HEPA filters can’t clean surfaces and require a jet turbine-like setup to be effective, making Triad Aer’s Pro-Active approach a superior choice for the fastest and most efficient purification. So choose our air purification system for advanced and efficient air purification that makes your living environment clean.

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