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Use Our Advanced V3 Air and Surface Purification System in Office and Medical Departments

Are you in search of the best solution to keep medical and dental areas clean and safe for patients?

Well! Nowadays, the biggest red flag that most doctors think of is the cleanliness of the environment. The largest fears of medical departments are the purity of air that we all breathe and also the surfaces on which we stay. Thus, to avoid such fears, many doctors look for fast, safe and effective systems that clean their entire environment.

In this manner, air purification is the best option for all of them, which provides reliable benefits to the medical field today. The Triad AER provides the best and most proactive air purification system, which is the one-stop solution for achieving a clean and germ-free environment.

Aerosol On Rooms Surface And Air

High-speed tools used in various settings generate aerosols, tiny particles that can stay in the air for varying durations, ranging from seconds to hours. These aerosols often carry germs, viruses, and bacteria. It ultimately expand the risk of unhealthy air and surroundings.

What makes matters worse is that these contaminants have a power to stick to your clothes. Sometimes they stay in our environment air for hours. As you move around, there’s a high chance that they can re-enter your breathing space and trigger your health. Thus, they create a potential source of exposure. It’s vital to find out this issue to maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment. That is why people prefer to protect their spaces where aerosols are commonly produced.

Which Type of Air Purification System Is Suitable for My Medical Office?

There are a lot of options for air purifiers available in the market. But finding the one that has all the benefits and advanced features is essential to maintain the clean air in medical offices. In the era where we find many options, exploring the air purifier market for your office raises several important questions in our minds which are:

  1. What kind of advanced technologies exist and work most effectively for my office?
  2. What spaces can the air purifier cover in my office for purifying?
  3. How many air purification machines should I need in my office?
  4. When should I replace the filters in air purifiers, and how?
  5. Can the air purifier protect and clean my office surfaces?

These questions serve as a guide to help you find the perfect air purifier that aligns with your office’s unique needs. By asking these questions to the triad AER, you can make the best decision for the cleanliness of your office.

What to Choose? Passive Filters VS Triad AER Pro-Active Air Purifiers

Triad Aer V3 is known as a leading place to buy advanced and proactive purification systems. Our air purifier works under four technologies that operate beyond the confines of the machine. This feature makes Triad AER air purifiers apart from traditional vacuum-like solutions. The combination of Needlepoint and Pulse Ionization, Photo Catalytic Oxidation, and Ozone collaboratively covers an impressive range of 3000 square feet. Thus, its capacity and power make it a useful air purifier unit for medical offices.

Why Not to Choose Ordinary Air Purifiers?

In ordinary air purifiers, HEPA filters take a limited space of around 250 square feet. Thus, it might lead to provide certain limitations. To effectively capture hidden bacteria and contaminants, you must find our needed filters. They work efficiently in every room of the office rather than using ordinary air purifiers that require frequent replacements. Yet, even with this setup, viruses and smaller particles easily slip through the filter, re-entering the air.

Their scope is confined to cleaning only what directly reaches the unit, leaving surfaces untouched. Achieving effectiveness with a HEPA filter would necessitate a setup resembling a jet turbine. It is a practical challenge for most office spaces. Triad Aer offers a more practical and efficient solution. Our system makes sure to provide an easy and space-consuming setup.

Installing The Triad AER Advanced Air Purifiers

Now, Say goodbye to the hassle of filter replacements. The Triad Aer V3 ensures a swift and efficient cleaning process. Its plasma-like technology takes on viruses and bacteria on contact, employing the lysis process to burst the virus membrane and dismantle the DNA. In contrast, passive HEPA filters function akin to a vacuum, rapidly pulling in the air with the hope of capturing particles .3 microns and larger.

However, their limitations become evident – to cover an office adequately, you’d need filters in every room, changed frequently. Additionally, these filters struggle to address viruses and smaller particles. Also, the filter supports allow them to re-enter the air. The Triad Aer’s proactive approach sets it apart from other machines. It provide us a comprehensive and efficient solution for a healthier office environment.

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