Electrostatic air purifiers


What is an electrostatic filter?

As a child, we have all discovered static electricity to be fun but have you ever thought about if it can serve an actual purpose? How could it be used in practical life?

There are types of electrostatic air purifiers that use static electricity as the force to clean the air around us. The air in our homes can often be polluted with dust, germs and bacteria that are invisible to the eye but they have a negative impact on overall health and wellbeing. In that type of air purifier, electrostatic electricity catches the particles and pollutants in the air and passes them through the electrostatic filtration system. Those electrostatic air purifiers leave the air around us clean and healthy by using the simple static electricity that we used to have fun with as kids. 

An electrostatic air filtration is an innovative approach to cleaning the air surrounding us and letting us use it in the most convenient way, without the extra work of purchasing and changing the air filters that release the air back in a purer form. Let’s look at the system and products more closely.


How does electrostatic air filtration work?

All types of air purifiers serve the great purpose of making the environment around us healthier and cleaner. But some products work more efficiently and are user-friendlier.  Electrostatic air purifiers are one of them. Electrostatic filtration can successfully remove all kinds of contaminants from the air, such as mold, pollen or dust, using an electrostatic dust filter. Electrostatic air filter efficiency has been shown to reach parts in the room where others filters fail to reach.

An air purifier with an electrostatic filter undergoes a process to charge up the electrostatic particle filter which creates an attraction quality. That is how particles in the air get sucked through the electrostatic filtration system, cleaning the air around you. As a bonus, the electrostatic particle filter does not require any filter changing. It is easy to clean and reuse again.

An electrostatic household air purifier is a convenient and comfortable way to keep your home air clean and free of pollutants. Keep reading to find out more about the best electrostatic air purifiers.


Electrostatic air filter vs HEPA filter – which should you choose?

It is fair to say that the air in your home is very important for your overall health and wellbeing. It is helpful to know about different options when investing in an electrostatic air purifier, to help you decide which works best for you and your needs. A good way to find that out is to do some research and read about electrostatic air purifier reviews – to see what others have to say about their experiences. 

There are many different technologies and filters for air purifiers out there. That can make deciding a bit more difficult since you have to choose between a lot of options. For example, Electrostatic air cleaner vs HEPA filter. 

HEPA electrostatic air filter requires multiples filters since the filter has to be replaced after a certain time of usage. Whereas an electrostatic purifier filter doesn’t need an exchange filter, it is easy to wash and reuse again. That saves you lots of money over time. 

Another big difference between HEPA vs electrostatic home purifiers is that HEPA electrostatic air filters clean only approaching contaminants from the air, but our Triad Air Purifier has plasma-like technology, cleaning out surfaces and air in the room. 

Electrostatic air filter vs HEPA filter has many differences that play a big role in the quality of the air in the room, as well as convenience for the user. Since our Triad Air Purifier does not need filter replacements, it is easier and less costly to use, while removing all unwanted particles from the air and surfaces around you. 


What are the best electrostatic air purifiers for households or single rooms? 

Electrostatic air purifiers, purification no hepa filters neededOur Triad Aer Air Purification Systems is designed to protect you from air pollutants in your home or office. The innovative electrostatic filter cleans the air efficiently around you. To keep you, your family and your friends safe from microscopic particles that can damage health, the best electrostatic air filter is a great solution. 

How to pick out the electrostatic air cleaner filter that suits best for your needs?

We recommend always being well informed about our products. A good way to do that is to see what our clients have to say about us, reading the best electrostatic air filter reviews. Also very important part is the size of the space that needs cleaning. Are you looking for a purifier for one room or electrostatic air filters for the house? 

We have a variety of air purifiers that suit well for different sized spaces.

Our Triad Aer V3 is a whole-house air purifier, cleaning the air in a bigger space around you. It has an advanced 5-way filtration technology, removing dust, odours, smoke, pet hair, allergens and harmful viruses from the air.

If you are looking for something that is well suited for a smaller area, then our multipurpose Mini Aer Single Room air purifier works perfectly for bedrooms, offices, hotel rooms and more. This air purifier improves the air quality in all single room spaces with its advanced built-in features and technology. 


Whole-house electrostatic air cleaner – the best dust collector

Electrostatic air cleaners are the most efficient way to protect your indoor air from pollutants and harmful particles. Our Triad Aer Pro is a whole house electrostatic air cleaner that has an advanced 5-way filtration technology that removes all harmful microscopic elements successfully from air and surfaces. 

Easy to use and low maintenance electrostatic air cleaners for home are a win in time and money. No extra exchange filters and a guaranteed cleaning system for the whole house. The Whole House Air Purifier by Triad Aer Pro Air purification system thoroughly improves indoor air quality through an electrostatic dust collector in your home.


Portable electrostatic air filter and purifier – your personal protection

Our newest product makes air cleaning more efficient and convenient than ever before. Our portable electrostatic air filter is easy to use and can be transported with you wherever you go, to clean the air around you as needed. 

Let us introduce you to our innovative air purification tools- Go Car Air Purifier and Shield Aer purifier. These little devices are your personal protection systems that can be worn like a necklace or clipped onto your shirt or inside your car. It guarantees the cleanest air around you on the go. 


Do you have to replace electrostatic air cleaner filters? 

Triad Aer products achieve top efficiency in air purification without the need for extra filters and worry that some areas of your space go untouched. Our technology is thorough, cleaning the air and all surfaces from dust, bacteria and other pollutants that can be harmful to your health. Our air purifiers are the most cost-effective and easiest way to guarantee clean and crisp air around you at all times! 


Are electrostatic air filters worth it? 

The Triad Aer Purifier uses advanced technology that utilizes high-level negative ionization, leaving an effective and balanced air quality around you. Electrostatic air filter ozonizes the air. Other air purifiers don’t reach corners and surfaces of the room, while our electrostatic air cleaners reach everywhere. That knowledge alone gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have invested your money into an efficient and high-quality product.

Our purifiers don’t only work thoroughly, leaving air all-around clean while electrostatic air cleaner ozonises the air, but they are also low maintenance. Electrostatic purifier cost stays lower because of the fact that they do not need any exchange filters. Our air filters are washable and reusable. Our electrostatic air purifiers come in different sizes and use, you can find something for your every need. 

An air purifier that suits the whole house or a super convenient, portable electrostatic air filter for personal use. Regardless of your choice, our air purification system offers pure air wherever you use it! Take a look at our best electrostatic air purifiers and choose your favourite NOW!

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