Triad Aer – You Can Finally Breathe Cleaner!

Indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air. Air purifiers are electronic devices that draw air into a room, pull it through a system of filters. After that they make pollutants fall out of the breathing space, and release fresh, clean air. Instead of allergens and pollutants in the air ending-up in the lungs, they’re trapped and thrown out of the air. When buying an air purifier, always check the size of the room. Ideally, choose an air purifier that fits a slightly larger room than the one you will be using it.

Before you choose, ask yourself what is there on the market that works the best. Do you need one or more machines in the office or home? The matter of covered space is also relevant. So you can read the details of each air purifier before you buy any. Experts say that the matter of the size particles that are thrown out of your breathing space is also important. Triad Aer does the job!

Triad Aer V3​

Triad Aer V3 uses Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation, hence extraordinary air purification is guaranteed

With the Triad Aer V3, you change the air you breathe. Triad air is the product that provides the best in atmosphere purifying using 4 superior technologies:

  • It includes Needlepoint Ionization, and the Purification is Scalable.
  • Triad Aer V3 uses Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation. 
  • Not to forget one of the essential parts of this amazing air purifier machine – its Electrostatic Filtration.


Who can use this incredible product by Triad Aer?​

  • All people for their houses have small or large businesses, boats, RV, which can be used for industrial purposes or dental offices.
  • It is highly recommended for people with respiratory problems
  • If you are one of them and are struggling with such common allergies or asthma, you should use Triad Aer V3.
  • Such a product is also recommended for those people with Sinusitis, Bronchitis, or any Respiratory Ailments.


Remove All Those Gross Things Like Mold

When you start using Triad Aer V3, be sure that your house will become shiny and healthy. It is because mold and dust will disappear because now you have a blessing of Aer Air Purifier. Dander and odors from cooking, pets, or cigarettes become histories. Micro-particles, bacteria, germs, and viruses are successfully eliminated from your home using this purifier.

Mini Aer for Max Results

Those who want to make their living or workspace clean and healthy can opt for Mini Aer from Triad aer. It can be used in:

  • cars
  • boats
  • hotel rooms
  • Campers
  • RV’s
  • kitchens
  • salons or spas

Use Mini Aer to get rid of:

  • cigarette or cigar smells
  • pet odors
  • litter box smells
  • or any other scent that you do not like
Mini Aer by Triad Aer is good to clean breathing space in single room

Shield Aer – For Personal Protection Use

Shield Aer is the best air purifier. It’s portable and clean the air around you all the time

Sometimes we need a self-protector that is easy to use, and that is top-notch technology in private security. Undoubtedly, the best thing on the market now is Shield Aer from Triad Aer.

Simple usage:

  • You can wear it as a necklace or snip it on a shirt or apron
  • Technology is simple but effective. Shreds will jump off you, creating a shield protecting your breathing space for up to 4 feet
  • Rechargeable
  • You can switch the styles to make it uniquely yours 

Don’t Take Our Words – Experience it yourself!

Our job is not to convince you to buy a triad air purifier. Our job is to make your living or workspace as healthy as possible. So we have made the new technology that removes all harmful particles. There are numerous samples of air purifiers available, depending on your need Triad Aer offers them. Contact us now if you wish to breathe in cleaner air.

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