Setup and Cleaning

Instructions to Set Your New Triad Aer Machine

Coverage plan and placement of the machine (You will find the owner’s complete manual instructions, which can be easily downloaded from our website)

We congratulate you on purchasing this advanced New Triad Aer Machine!

We guide you about how it’s working and allow you to have a great and smooth experience using these machines. In our manual guide, we explain to you the best tips and guides to set up this New Triad Aer Machine. On the below page, you will find helpful instructional and manual guide videos that help you in using this New Triad Aer Machine.

Start Your New Triad Aer Machine with Easy Setup:

Further, we will guide you through each and every essential step that is useful in the operation of this New Triad Aer Machine. You have to follow this guide to manually set up this machine.

All you need to do is follow every step carefully and understand the workings of your machine to get higher satisfactory outcomes in return.

Step 1: Find a Secure Location

Begin by selecting a suitable location for your air purifier, ideally placing it at a height of 5 feet or higher in the largest open common area of your home or clinic. If possible, position it near an HVAC return to enhance the spread of active purification. Avoid placing it on the floor; instead, opt for a desk or table to maximize its effectiveness.

Step 2: Ensure Proper Placement

Create a 3-inch space behind the machine and orient it toward the center of the room. This setup ensures optimal air circulation and purification efficiency.

Step 3: Adjust Fan Settings

Set the fan to the highest possible level without causing excessive noise. This step ensures efficient air circulation while maintaining a comfortable noise level in the designated space. You can easily adjust its fan settings with a few clicks.

Step 4: Initial Operation in Normal or PCO Mode

For the first 5 days, run the air purifier in normal or PCO mode. While the manual suggests a 1-day duration, allowing it to operate for 5 days allows for better diffusion throughout the area, especially if normal mode is preferred.

Step 5: Transition to High Mode

After the initial 5 days, switch to high mode, starting at 250 sq ft. Ensure that the display area does not exceed the open area you are purifying. This refers to the general space of all rooms open to where the machine is placed, not the entire indoor area.

Step 6: Gradual Area Expansion

Gradually increase the purification setting by 250 sq ft every 24 hours until the displayed area closely matches the total area you intend to clean. This up to the mark adjustment modes and setting will make sure that this machine provides a systematic and effective expansion of the purifying capacity.

Step 7: Monitor and Adjust

Stay attuned to the specific odor emitted in high mode. If you detect the odor anywhere other than directly in front of the machine, consider reducing the purification setting by 1 or 2 steps. This step-by-step process allows for a customized and optimized air purification experience in your space. You can even adjust its power and odor-removing mode based on your needs.

Important Guide

Once you follow every step carefully, you will be allowed to valance your air to get the required outcomes based on your needs. If you even smell the bad odor in your working area, then all you need is to increase the power of the purifier to 1-2 steps based on your need. But do not set it to the higher than required over the area it is working. But after following these steps, if you find any offensive smell, then you can use the Sani boost button, which is available on the top right area of the machine display.

This feature is intended for use when individuals and pets are not present in the space. It allows you to set a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, during which the air purifier operates more intensely. It is recommended to plan to be away from the space for at least 2 hours beyond the selected setting.

In terms of maintenance, it is crucial to regularly check the air purifier within the first 30 to 45 days to ensure that the screen remains free of dust, allowing air to pass through for the conversion into cleaning plasma. The provided video demonstrates the complete cleaning process, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the screen is clear of dust, especially if time is limited.

However, frequent and daily checks can be performed every 90 days or as needed based on the environmental conditions in your specific space. This best approach makes sure that you enjoy an optimal performance and efficiency of the air purifier over time. For more information, please check out our FAQs page.

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